AS Number

An AS Number (Autonomous System Number), or ASN for short

is a unique, numeric value that starts at 0 and extends up to a maximum value held by a 32-bit unsigned number 4,294,967,295 assigned by an RIR (such as RIPE) to networks that are looking to:

– announce the IP Address space using the BGP protocol,

– become multi-homed,

– employ Traffic engineering.

The ASNs are referenced in many objects, mainly other AS Number objects in the policy statement of the “import:” and “export:” attributes and different set objects. 

Getting An ASN

As per the present RIPE policy, a network has to be multi-homed and should have a unique routing policy to get an ASN assigned. The assignment request should outline the routing policy of the Autonomous System. 

Need ASN(s) for your business?

The Registration Process starts from contact with us, the steps AFTER are:

Step One

We share the price with you.

Step Two

You sign NDA. We both sign Independent Assignment Request & Maintenance Agreement.

Step Three

After payment, you provide the info required by RIPE.

Step Four

Request will be submitted to RIPE.

Step Five

After RIPE's approval, ASN is provided. Delivery date will be the billing starting date.