Buy IP Addresses

Today, IPv4 addresses are only available through trading or transfers, since the exhaustion of IPv4 resources of the RIR organizations. IP addresses are still needed to run networks, but in the current situation, it stays only to buy them at market prices. 

These are some of the ways IP addresses are used and why companies are motivated to buy IP blocks:


To build your own Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with their clear benefits.

Network Management

Have backup IPs in case of a server failure, avoidance of address conflicts or addition of a new address on the same network.

Security Purposes


Protection from hackers, especially if you handle sensitive information.

Investment Potential

Because of the lack of available IPs, buying IPv4 address blocks is a good investment to protect your company’s future on the internet.


/21 Block registered in RIPE


$44,0 /IP *

/22 Block registered in RIPE


$46,0 /IP *

/23 Block registered in RIPE


$45,9 /IP *

/24 Block registered in RIPE


$45,0 /IP *

The IPv4 process for an IPv4 buyer, in addition to internal financial or technical processes, is:

  1. Get RIR approval, if required (RIPE and ARIN require pre-approval)
  2. Agree to contract with the seller
  3. Transfer funds to a holding/ escrow account for payment
  4. Receive IPv4 transfer from the seller
  5. Release funds to the seller via holding/escrow account release process
  6. Receive a paid invoice from the seller and complete financial aspects of the transfer

The technical aspects of purchasing IPv4 addresses is incredibly detailed and involved, so utilizing the services of a professional broker is recommended.

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